Cornwall Hounds (CH) was founded in 1975 and has been hunting ever since in country around Stockton and Elizabeth, Illinois.


Fox River Valley Hunt (FRVH) was founded in 1940 and until 2000 hunted around Barrington Hills, Huntley, Kirkland and Richmond, Illinois.  In 1997 FRVH added country in and around Morgan, Georgia.


In 2000 CH and FRVH combined their packs and staff and entered into an operating cost sharing agreement with each hunt responsible for 50% of the operating expenses of the combined hunts.  Each hunt remains responsible for its own membership, capital expenses and real estate.


1. The Fox River Valley Hounds’ members exercise hounds while riding horses on Horizon Farms. These horse and hound exercises simulate a hunting tradition that began in Barrington Hills in 1940 and function as historic reenactments or pageants. They are not live hunts. They are conducted eight to ten times per year after the bird nesting season is complete from late August through early December, run about two hours and consist of horses and riders following mounted staff and hounds around the farm’s 420 acres. The farm was purchased and developed by the William McGinley family with the intention of supporting equestrian sports including horse and hound sports, horse shows, polo and other equestrian activities as outlined and protected in the Horizon Farms Conservation Easement. 

 2. The Fox River Valley Hounds is dedicated to the expansion and enhancement of habitat and wildlife by partnering with Forest Preserves of Cook County to continue conservation efforts FRVH members have been involved with since 1983.  The focus of FRVH stewardship efforts will be to support prairie restoration, wetland and woodland management at the direction of the Forest Preserve for the benefit of the citizens of Cook County.




Massbach Hounds and Fox River Valley Hunt